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The Passerines are a Chicago pop band writing happy songs about broken hearts. What we lack in technical prowess we make up for in songwriting brilliance. Our influences include Television Personalities, Elvis Costello, and Roxette.

We like to play shows in all-ages, semi-legal spaces, like art galleries, record stores, ballrooms, museums, and apartments. We also sometimes play licensed 21+ venues. We opened for Calvin Johnson (K Records) at Buddy Gallery in Chicago, and for First Coat (Loud Devices) at Gunther Murphy’s. We went on our first tour at the beginning of August.

The Passerines got together in May 2004, and one year later we released the Ponte di Rialto EP, which contains 8 minutes of music. “I Say” (track 1) appeared on the most recent release by compilation label Mr. Hyde Records, and features a horn section. Each of the 3 tracks was written and sung by a different Passerine. Our first full-length is currently being mixed by the same producer, Loren Jan Wilson, at Everett Studios in Chicago.

We are all multi-instrumentalists, as illustrated by this table:

Members of the Passerines have played in other bands from Chicago and Columbia, Missouri, including: Millimeters Mercury, Starlister, Health&Beauty, P1xel and the Chronic Network, and the Relevant Hairstyles.

This project is made possible through the generosity of Mr. L. Halliday.

The Passerines

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