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we love many things but music the most.
mr hyde records
("i say" is track #2 on hyde five, the mr hyde compilation released on april 20, 2005.
"come here often" appeared on mrhyde 004, 22 to tango, in june of 2004. we sound much different now than we did then.
the comps are available for purchase from the mr hyde site as well as at student coffeeshops on campus at the university of chicago.
visit the mr hyde message board to satisfy all your hp music scene needs.)

bands we dig:
health&beauty = sara's other band
unled tit = excellent drum and bass and voices
first coat = like if hemingway, einstein, and louis armstrong had a rock band together wherein they ate a lot of apple pie in autumn on thoreau's front porch while wearing wool coats with the collars turned up against the cold.
swansea mass = delightful country velvets shoegazer
the paraleisural uninsurance temp agency = 6/34/03 for insubordination what is your desired salary? $000.00
zinc finger and the major groove = imagine this band name as a call and response featuring a chorus of hot girls and a pair of dudes in lab coats
gays in the military = fantastic action rock band
bitter tea for breakfast = aw. when emo grows up.
the kallikak family = hooky pop disguised as art.
pewep in the formats = dance music band who all live in a big house together in kansas, in the middle of a field of poppies, i hope.
the logic of elliott = girls who rock.
unique chique = sara's favorite band.
where's jimmy k at = listening to this pop band is like being at The party.
bound stems = so friendly yet so angry. mathy and acute.
the venom lords = rock! outfits! hooks!

these bands don't exist anymore, and that is such a shame. the body has fled, but the spirit remains:
leon chance and the long shots = country neat, tall glass, lime
p1xel and the chronic network = gabe's glamorous erstwhile paramour.
starlister = sara's former band, new orderly sad pop.
millimeters mercury = gabe's mathemo erstwhile compatriots.
the better boyfriends = but first, legendary irish authors james joyce and samuel beckett order a pizza.
the sixtyeights = at least once daily with milk and cookies. clashy rock action but really the cookies are pretty essential. trust me.

this is the local record store. lovely!:
hyde park records

this is the local radio station, which has a cool live show on friday nights which we played one time!

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