sj plays farfisa, bass, guitar, and vocals.

identification tips:
birdsong is strongly influenced by classical, pop, techno, and rock.

this bird can be found:
keeping track.

traveling, talking, science fiction, making music, television personalities, unique chique, henri salvador, mp3, earl grey.

earwigs, politics, ignorance, idiocy, getting shot at.

favorite things to eat:

fun fact:
this bird created the passerines out of a collection of beautiful shiny things. like frankenstein! like frankenstein, takes no responsibility for what they got up to thereafter; blames all on lenny.

in the nest, she learned to sing along to religious music. she kept making music because it was easy and fun to do.

special power:

this bird makes electronic music, some of which has been translated into pop for the passerines.

sara shakes down buildings with health&beauty. once upon a time, she learned how to rock a synth axe in starlister.

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sara @ passerines . com

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