lh plays bass, keyboards, guitar, and vocals.

identification tips:
birdsong is strongly influenced by an ack-inducing number of touchstones.

this bird can be found:
making jewelry while listening to NPR or WCBS baseball coverage; drinking margaritas and eating dimsum with friends.

stuffed animals whose names begin with the letter P!, miniatures having to do with food, films, the 1950s

bathroom stall doors that swing in.

favorite things to eat:
margaritas. and chinese food.

fun fact:
plans to win megamillions and sail the bahamas in a yacht going ashore only to save the world, and put on an amazing JJ72-esque concert.

after a number of false starts (including one on an erhu), this bird began making her own music and words and has no intention of stopping, ever.

special power:
can see into the future of fashion.

this bird made music by herself before she was a passerine, and still does, and you can learn about it here.

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