jjm plays bass, keyboards, guitar, drums, and vocals.

identification tips:
birdsong is influenced by childhood car-rides, the epic struggle between nintendo and 50s radio, and marvel(!) comics.

this bird can be found:
beside the pretty puddles of static that pool in the the left end of the radio.

jeopardy!, the wacky world of nature, girls when they smile

capitalism and spiders

favorite things to eat:

fun fact:
the jj maximus once saw a ufo for real, but it didn't hang around for long because it was new jersey

this bird taught himself to play various instruments in his later teen years as part of misguided y2k compliance protocols. he later began research to determine the feasibility of using pop music for robot fuel.

the jj maximus is expected to merge preservation of the soul and the body into a single endeavor. hopefully not someplace too hot.

special power:
the ability to see both reality and fantasy simultaneously and indistinguishably, the ability to recite from memory surprisingly large amounts of the iliad.

jj writes an online comic strip about a super hero rock and roll band! for real! he even writes songs and records demos for his fictional heroes.

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