gm plays the drums, guitar, and vocals.

identification tips:
birdsong is influenced by david bowie, jonathan richman, andy warhol, and disney movies.

this bird can be found:
exploring buildings and looking at maps of them after.

legos, superman, autumn, mysteries with happy endings.

insufficiently focused creative statements.

favorite things to eat:
this bird is powered by chocolate milk and snuggling.

fun fact:
medical scientist dr. christopher vlasses, during his scrutiny of the robotic bird, once remarked "The gabriel electrum appears be to some sort of inexplicable cross between a punk and a hippie."

the first recorded instance of robotic song is a cassette taped by his creator's mentor, made while he was still a prototype in the lab. he has continued to make music because he has been programmed to do so indefinitely.

the gabriel electrum will eventually perfect the art of birdsong.

special power:
flying, philosophizing

gabe created the beautiful p1xel and the chronic network and made mmHg.

he also makes pretty pictures.

send gabe a message:

gabe @ passerines . com

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