ec plays guitar, bass, farfisa, harmonica, drums, and vocals.

identification tips:
birdsong influenced by The Relevant Hairstyles. disctinctive brown markings on the crown.

this bird can be found:
playing Scrabble.

funny faces and ferris wheels, general clutter and dancing.

bulky gig bags and all things empirical.

favorite things to eat:

fun fact:
she can wiggle her ears (very difficult to see). once climbed a mountain (before learning to fly). ask her about professional wrestling.

when she was barely out of the egg, the emily bird learned to play piano. she continues to make music because it makes her happy to do so.

one day, she will write the great American novel. (though in all probability it will take longer than one day. maybe two.)

special power:
is able to dream about the future or aliens, depending on whether she is facing east or west when she falls asleep.

emily used to slink around a small midwestern town, where she caused a great deal of trouble.

this bird is a mystery, and her secret rock is very powerful. beware!

send emily a message:

emily @ passerines . com

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