dk plays bass, piano, farfisa, and vocals.

identification tips:
birdsong influenced by Jill Sobule, Flaming Lips, First Coat. Blood and stories involving blood cause her to faint. If she faints in your presence don't be alarmed - she'll be fine, and you have just discovered the elusive dk bird!

this bird can be found:
writing, performing and recording music she wants other people to hear; if found in her ideal habitat, other people will be listening.

Soft Bulletin, Conor.

dogs and children.

favorite things to eat:
Peanut M&Ms and lattes. (She does not recommend this diet.)

fun fact:
A violinist and she played duets at a member of Radiohead's wedding reception. She didn't know who Radiohead was at the time. Most of her stories are of the "I guess you had to be there" variety. And it's really too bad you weren't there. Everything she does is equally cool.

As a nestling deirdre studied piano. She hasn't gotten tired of music yet (and suspects she never will).

In the future, this bird will be found heading the NEA while self-indulgently reading and publishing in journals and books read only by other musicologist birds.

special power:

dk writes solo music, some of which is played by the passerines.

one could argue that deirdre's cello parts are the best ever. evidence:
bitter tea for breakfast
first coat (she's on the excellent new album move like sparrows)

the list goes on.

send dk a message:

dk @ passerines . com

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