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much has been made of the eye of the tiger, thanks to the immortal theme song of numerous fine films starring sylvester stallone.

but what about the tiger's other attributes? the alert ears? the cute little button nose? the stripes? the tail? the teeth? the tongue?

indeed, there is much more to this dignified and deadly animal than first meets the, ahem, eyes. hahaha!

our fearless investigator braved countless dangers to bring you the clips we are about to see--the tiger, up close, in its natural and savage habitat.

please click on the links below to watch brief, raw footage of this exciting creature, brought to you in several "bitesize" parts.

01. TIGER 01 [1.841 MB, 0:16]
02. TIGER 02 [1.809 MB, 0:15]
03. TIGER 03 [0.929 MB, 0:07]
04. TIGER 04 [2.561 MB, 0:24]
05. TIGER 05 [1.617 MB, 0:14]

that's all for today.

be sure to tune in next week, when we will travel to rooms beyond, to explore the eerie mysteries of the otherworldly gloworm.

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