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motion sickness

cars are excellent. documentary!

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hit the deck!
[2.7 MB, 0:24]
don't hit the trees!
[2.6 MB, 0:22]
this road is badly lit.
[3.9 MB, 0:33]
baby, i know.
[8.3 MB, 1:12]
disney drivers.
[2.6 MB, 0:22]
bad at walking also.
[3.7 MB, 0:31]
my favorite city shortcut
[4.3 MB, 0:38]
the canal bridge is bumpy
[3.9 MB, 0:34]
pilsen into chinatown
[9.5 MB, 1:24]
[1.9 MB, 1:17]
it's been a while since i took this shortcut
[2.1 MB, 0:18]
now i am totally lost
[1.9 MB, 0:17]
cermak conveniently becomes king
[5.9 MB, 0:52]
drink lots of water
[1.3 MB, 0:11]
now this looks familiar
[4.3 MB, 0:38]
the southside is very pretty
[2.8 MB, 0:24]
take king drive south to 75th and turn
[11.5 MB, 1:42]

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check out these interesting pictures:

the government takes weird photos.
i mean really.
they have a history of it.
designer styles...
it's a special kind of sickness.
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